How to Read the Bible like a pro – in 7 Simple Steps

Open Bible on a table with a cup of coffee

How to Read the Bible like a pro in 7 Simple Steps!

Someone recently came and said to me something very interesting.He said, “I need to know how to pray and read the bible.From what I know, you can help.” This request was somewhat surprising, and Holy Spirit had told me something about it a few Continue reading


21 Practical New Year Resolutions 

By Salman and Monica

New year is so important to us because it gives a new chance,a clean slate to start over. It feels so good to forget your past and start right this time. Read on

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To Heal the Brokenhearted, even with a Hug

Friends hugging

When you can’t find the words, a hug would do just fine

I saw him walk away. He sat all by himself behind the house, crying, hidden from everyone. I paused for a moment, and followed him. I sat right next to him and looked into his eyes. Continue reading

How to Overcome Homosexuality and Masturbation in 40 days

How to Overcome Homosexuality and Masturbation in 40 days

BPS Chastity Program for those struggling  with Homosexuality and Masturbation – practical help that actually works

Yes it is possible to overcome homosexuality and somewhere in this article you will find a testimony  about Jason that might just encourage you to try.  Many young people are already living chastily after taking the first step of surrender. True freedom begins with total surrender.Surrender to the Christ who forgives you and heals you.

In my experience doing ministry to this group, healing usually takes place in two ways

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I’m Homosexual and Catholic in Kenya, now what?

African American teenager chatting on whatsapp

I never wanted this for myself, it all began like a fairy tale then it turned real

I was in form three in a boys only boarding school when I started receiving anonymous love notes placed in my locker. The person would tell me how much he loved me and how he was so attracted to me. I was not very social then and I did not have many friends so it was kind of a surprise. Continue reading

More testimonies from 2016

There is power in Prayer

 esther-waithira-st-therese-scc-20161007_101058Esther Waithira

“For quite some time I had been waiting for light to shine on me in pursuing a job. A few months ago I approached the rest of BPS family to help me pray in my frustration. Sometimes I thought God had abandoned me. But then he gave me an internship in a certain organization and after the period was over, I applied for a job and came back again to BPS family for prayers. Now I have already received my contract. Indeed there’s power in prayer! Glory to God.” Esther’s contract has since been renewed three times!”Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Mt 7:7

A video clip led me to Holy Spirit

img-20161007-wa0008Collins Ojungu, RAM School of Nursing

I never knew that Holy Spirit still works miracles today in the Catholic Church as he did during the first Pentecost. It all started with Continue reading

The Holy Rosary excellent Guide

The Holy Rosary excellent Guide


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

THE APOSTLE’S CREED (at crucifix)
I believe in God, the Father Continue reading

27 things I learnt in 27 years – Live life and live it more abundantly

I just turned 27 years old-salman-metobo-BpsLayMinistry

Grow older gracefully, Age is gold and Life is forever

How old are you?…haha! I remember the way age 18 was exciting, and 20 yrs too. How I never wanted to move from 25 – they were the magic numbers – until I turned 27! One funny thing about huge families is that sometimes everyone forgets your birthday.My sister Carren laughed with surprise and said, Continue reading