Radical questions about the Rosary

Is it true that the Catholic rosary prayers of ‘hail Mary’ and ‘Our Father’ are drawn from the Bible?

Yes The Lord’s prayer is recorded in Lk 11:1-4 and the hail Mary comes from these verses:

Hail Mary full of grace,Lk 1:28
Blessed are you among women,Lk1:42
And blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus,
Holy Mary mother of God,Lk1:43 and Jn 20:27-28
Pray for us sinners,Jas 5:16
Now and at the hour of death.

So why so much repetition when praying the rosary?Doesn’t the Bible forbid the prayer of repetition as vain?

The rosary contains repetitive prayers mainly because it’s a meditational prayer…the right way to say it is to meditate and participate in the mysteries allotted to each decade as you say the hail Mary’s.
An example is the sorrowful mysteries:agony of our Lord,Scourging him at the pillar,Crowning him with thorns,Jesus carrying his cross,and finally the Crucifixion of our Lord.

But is it really ok to repeat words in prayer?Yes,as long as they’re not vain,meaning just on the lips but detached from the heart.Christ himself repeated the same prayer 3 times during his agony.[Mt 26:44]

The rosary is a journey through the Gospel,highlighting the life of Christ through the eyes of Mary.Mary is the most blessed woman[Lk1:42],she starts off the Gospel right with the Annunciation of Gabriel[Lk1:26],faithfully ushers the Saviour to his cross[Jn19:25-27],and is there present at Pentecost to start off the Church at the coming of our God the Holy Spirit.[Acts1:13-14,2:1]

Why say ‘hail Mary’ more than the Lord’s prayer in the rosary?

The first answer is that No Christians don’t worship Mary and they recognize that she’s only a model of Discipleship whom,by virtue of being the mother of the King according to Davidic kingdom,is highly honored and has a special place as queen-mother of the land right beside the King’s throne.

We only honor her because she’s the mother of our Lord God Jesus Christ who honors her even more as a son, because you can be sure Jesus kept his 4th commandment to ‘honor your parents’ just as he expects us to honor our own.

Besides,what greater praise can there be for an artist apart from taking notice of their finest artwork and stating it plainly?

Mary was conceived without the original sin,holy and full of grace so that as the new Ark of covenant,the Word of God may come and dwell in her by the power of the holy Spirit.Isn’t it just frightening to imagine that God the majestic Creator of the whole universe would come together with man to Father a child?
Yet it really happened,and it happened to the virgin Mary,because she was prepared holy just for her purpose,saved by Jesus from Sin even before her birth and filled with Grace [Rev 12].

Did you know that Mary is talked about as in the first book of the Bible [Gen3:15] and again in the last book [Rev 12 compare Gen 3:15 with Rev12:17]?

Well again,both the Lord’s prayer and ‘hail Mary’ are about the same Lord and ‘immaculate’ Mary happens to be the greatest testimony of his Saving power [Lk 1:41-43 Rev12] just as the Son is the greatest testimony of the Father’s Love [Jn3:16].

The ‘hail Mary’ helps us appreciate Christ more deeply as the blessed fruit that really blesses wherever he dwells,Mary his own birthplace being a perfect example; the other helps us appreciate the Father more deeply as the very source of this blessing,this (daily) bread of life.

But Why do we have to ask Mary and the angels and saints to pray for us?Hasn’t Christ made it possible to reach God directly?

Yes we can reach God directly through Christ the cheif mediator and that’s we always do, but we also know that it pleases God when we pray for each other2:1-3 and moreso the prayer of righteous men is both powerful and effective,Jas 5:16.Who could possibly be more righteous than the spirits of these just men made perfect?Heb12:22-24

Is it also ok to carry my rosary in the pocket instead of wearing it?

Why not!The rosary beads are sacramentals just like the crucifix or medal,you can wear them whichever way you deem appropriate as long as you’re faithful as regards their purpose in your walk with Christ.

My love to you all and may God be with you always.Eph3:14-21


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